Rules and Regulations

The Range Officer (designated official at the Burnsville Rifle & Pistol Range) has maximum authority at all times.

The Range officer reserves the right to remove you from the range at any time for any reason.

The range officer has the authority to prohibit the use of a firearm.

Age Restrictions

Must be 18 years of age to shoot in our facilities without a parent or guardian, must be 21 to buy ammunition. Minimum age requirement with a parent or guardian is nine years.

  • Age 9 - 10 (.22 rifle)
  • Age 11 - 12 (.22 pistol)
  • Age 13 - 18 (center-fire allowed based on the stature of the child, and solely at the discretion of the range personnel)

Under 18 years old without a parent or guardian must have a written permission slip from the parent giving the child permission to shoot with the adult - this applies to handguns and is Federal Law.

Range Rules

  • Firearms must be brought into the range in a case designed for a firearm (MN Statute 97B.045) or Carry guns in holsters

  • Always uncase and case your firearm at the firing line.
    This is the shooting table between the individual marked stall walls.
  • Always keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction down range at all times.

  • Keep the action open and the firearm unloaded until ready to fire.
    The action is to be opened immediately when the firearm is removed from a case.  The action must stay open until ready to fire.

  • Load the firearm only at the firing line.
    Pointed down range at all times.

  • Loading of magazines, prepping of targets, storage of bags and cases may be done behind the firing line and at the back table (NO UNCASED FIREARMS BEHIND THE FIRING LINE!)

  • Keep your finger outside the trigger guard until ready to fire.

  • Mount targets on card board so no point of aim is above the shooters shoulder height from position they are shooting from (standing/sitting), points of aim above shoulder height of the shooter can send the bullets into the end of the track line and the ceiling; this is prohibited.

  • Know how your firearm operates.

  • Do not leave a loaded firearm unattended.
    Unload all firearms before placing them on the shooting table.  Do not hand a loaded firearm to another person. Do not move to another lane with a loaded firearm.

  • No one is permitted forward of the firing line.
    Supervised groups renting a bay may request permission to be in front of the firing line.

  • Do not remove a jammed or malfunctioning firearm from the firing line.
    If you need assistance, unload your firearm if possible.  Leave the firearm on the firing line table and contact the Range Officer for assistance.

  • Eye and hearing protection are provided if you do not have your own.
    Put on before entering the shooting bay.

  • Entering the shooting bay through the double door system.
    Close the door behind you before opening the door in front of you both entering and exiting the shooting bay

  • Be courteous to fellow shooters.

  • No drawing to fire from a holster, hip shooting or snap shooting.
    Licensed Law Enforcement Officers are allowed to fire from a duty holster, we request that I.D. be worn.

  • No shoulder or cross draw holsters allowed on the range.

  • In the event of a Cease Fire
    Immediately unload your firearm, place it on the firing bench with the action open, and step back away from the firing line (Do not Touch a firearm) wait for instruction from the range officer.

  • No Food or Beverages in shooting bays.

  • No Smoking or Tobacco products in this facility.

  • No children under the age of 9 are allowed on the range.

  • A maximum of three persons to a shooting lane.
    Range officer has the discretion to limit this to two if the bay capacity warrants it.
  •  Only one person at a time can be shooting at a station.

  • Black powder & muzzle loading firearms are not permitted.

  • Full auto firearms are at the discretion of the range officer.
    The guns paper work MUST accompany the firearm at all times.

  • Recovery of brass can be done in the amount and type that you shot as long as you do not disrupt or interfere with other shooters, and it is done safely.
    Recovery of brass in front of the shooting line can be done safely by using a piece of card board to push the brass back to the line. Remember; do not go in front of the shooting line (this means no body parts!).  We suggest that if you wish to collect your brass, do so as you shoot.  We reserve the right to clear the floor of brass to make room for new shooters and those walking in the bay.

  • Equipment left unattended is left at your own risk.
    The Range is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

  • Any damage resulting from the use of unauthorized ammunition is the CUSTOMERS LIABILITY.

  • Damage beyond normal wear is the CUSTOMERS LIABILITY.