Burnsville Rifle and Pistol Range

Open to the public - first come first serve basis

 We Do Not Take Reservations

We rent shooting lanes, WE DO NOT RENT FIREARMS! 

           We have three shooting bays: two 6 lane bays 25 yards for pistol calibers (see restrictions below)

one 5 lane bay 46 yards for rifle calibers

Safety is and always will be our number one concern!

Address                                                       Hours 

14300 Ewing Ave                                                    Monday                 closed                        

Burnsville, MN  55306-4884                                   Tuesday - Friday   10:00 am - 8:00 pm        

Phone   952/890-6228                                              Saturday                10:00 am - 6:00 pm        

Email                                   Sunday                  12:00 pm - 6:00 pm    

                                                                                  (must check in @ least 1/2 hour before close)

To check our availability:  Click here for calendar


     35W to County Road 42, exit and turn west on Cty. Rd. 42, 2 miles to Ewing Avenue.  Turn left onto Ewing,

      (Ewing is the first left after Burnsville Parkway), the 3rd business on right side of road.  Pole sign in front.


Lane Rental Fees

 One person bringing in one gun      $14.95 - unlimited time

 Additional person                            $5.00 each  (maximum of 3 persons per lane)

 Additional gun                                 $4.00 (each person is charged for a maximum of 2 guns)

 Rifle Bay Surcharge                        $1.00


1 lane for one half hour                     $13.00 (must request when logging in)


Range Rules                Click here for a complete list of rules & regulations

Firearms must be brought into the range in a case designed for a firearm (MN Statute 97B.045) or

Carry guns in holsters see rules below

 Carry firearms must be in a holster

  (NEW Restriction:  ALL Ammunition will be checked by range staff, and no bullets can stick

 to a magnet) 

Some ammunition is made with steel or bimetal jackets, some of these have a copper wash on them and look like copper jacketed ammunition.

This type of ammuntion can spark down range and cause a fire, this ammunition is prohibited from the facitlity.


Pistol Range

Handgun calibers ONLY.  NO rifle rounds, no S&W 500 magnum, 4570 or the 460 (these are allowed in the rifle bay only).

Rifles in handgun calibers are allowed  (ie: 22, 9mm,etc).

 NO pellet/BB guns allowed or No Black Powder


Rifle Range  

The limit on the backstop is 3500 feet per second & 3500 foot pounds of energy at the muzzle.

Ammunition restriction:  The bullet must not stick to a magnet (No loaded magazines, we must check all ammunition)

Shotgun with slugs only September 15 to November 15 after that date no Shotguns are allowed.

Shotguns with only a pistol grip (defenders, etc), AR pistols and similar types of rifle caliber handguns are also not allowed.

Single shot rifle caliber handguns are allowed.

All shooting must be done from a sitting postion.

Single spot targets only.

Minumum distance is 25 yards.

NO rapid fire (1 round per second maximum)

NO pellet or BB guns allowed and (No black powder!)


Age Restrictions

Must be 18 years of age to shoot in our facilities without a parent or guardian, must be 21 to buy ammunition.  Minimum age requirement

with a parent or guardian is nine years.  Nine to age Eleven .22 rifle only,  twelve to thirteen .22 pistol.  Age thirteen to eighteen,

centerfire allowed based on stature of the child, and solely at the discretion of the range personnel.  (Under 18 years old

without a parent or guardian must have a written permission slip from parent giving the child permission to shoot with

 the adult - this applies to handguns and is Federal Law).


Firearm Transfers

Individuals may send out a copy of our FFL (you may download a copy by clicking here).  After the firearm is delivered and logged into inventory

the transfer (4473) paper work will be completed for a $25.00 fee and $5.00 for each additional gun transfered at the same time.


Please have your name and phone number placed on incoming packages, get a tracking number from the shipper.  Once the firearm arrives

and is inventoried you will be given a phone call (if your information was provided with your package).  We we ask that if you are tracking 

your firearm and do not hear from us, please wait until after 4pm to call and check on its status.

Please Do Not contact us prior to the firearm arriving, we do not have the ability to collect personal information on transfered firearms

prior to their arrival..

NOTE!    Any firearm or receiver not picked up within 90 days after receipt will be considered abandoned and disposed of by management.

ATF Regulations REQUIRE that a locking device be with any handgun transferred. You may bring in one or purchase ne here.

All NEW firearms are USUALLY delivered with one.

If your transfer requires a permit to purchase/MN Carry Permit, (handgun or assault rifle). Your address on your permit to purchase must match

your MN Drivers License No Exceptions.

(Note:  Roger or Susan are the ONLY Staff members that can complete a firearm transfer.  There may be occassional times when

We are not available, it is always a good idea to call ahead to make sure one of us is going to be present to complete your transfer.)


Gift Cards 

Gift cards are for any occasion, and can be purchased in any dollar amount.  They do not have an

expiration date and can be used to purchase range time and/or merchandise.

Gift Certificates for Training

Gift certificates can be purchased for any of our classes or programs that are offered by BPR Training.

Gift certificates are valid for one year from the date of purchase.            



Megashooter:  $420/year

You may bring as many guns as you wish and up to two guests on the same lane. Unlimited shooting with no range fees.

Frequent Shooter:   $145/year

Normal range fees are cut in half, for one year.

Shot Card:  $140/ 10 punches

Good for 10 visits. You may have as many as three people and two guns on a lane for one punch, additional guns will be an additional charge.


Available in a variety of styles and subject to change

                  Price range $.30 to $2.00 each.                 

Other items for sale

Cleaning kits

Cleaning accessories

Shoot-N-C stickers

Pistol cases, both soft & hard

Handgun "Secure It " Security Box 



We carry only factory ammunition at competitive prices.

(all calibers may not be available and we reserve the right to restrict amounts purchased)

        22 lr                                                357 mag

        32 auto                                            40 S&W

        380 auto                                          45 acp

        38 special                                        .223

        9mm                                               .762 x 39


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